Manhattan Class
You learn face to face with instructor in Manhattan cozy place.
Private and semi-private classes are offered for men, women, and children all ages.
Whether you are a beginner in search of a new hobby or an experienced calligrapher, we invite you to join us.
All classes are conducted on a private or semi-private basis.
Students should schedule 2, 3, or 4 classes each month.

Distance Learning Class
You learn through mail. You can learn wherever you live.
How does the online calligraphy course works?
1. You will receive a writing sample and instructional DVD every month.
2. After you finish your calligraphy work for the month, you will send it to your teacher(s) for grading.
3. You will receive your work back from your teacher(s), after being graded.

The following calligraphy styles are available for distance learning:
> Kanji writing (brush)
> Kana writing (brush)
> Pen shuji (pen)

Depending on your progress,you will receive grade levels which follow Kyu and Dan(beginner/master) ranking systems.
Online video lectures will be available to all students, so you will be able to learn Shodou as if you are learning in an actual classroom.

Tuition rates a list of required calligraphy tools will be provided upon request.
If you are interested in the Shodou classes, please contact us.



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